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I'm in the process of getting Feath's bookcase updated. This webpage is over 10 years old! And it shows! Please disreguard any dust (and odd looking links or random bits of code that might be showing up) as I work through this. It's been a long time since I worked code; code has matured, and I have have only grown older.

Writer for Writers
Even thought this is my personal web page, and as such, has grown and shrunk over the years, it's still a page for writers. I will be expanding this theme over the following months.

Slowllllly I turned, step by step...

March: Working the site one page at a time. *fingers crossed*

Feb: Researched verious looks and ideas. Fiddled with it, gave up, and started again. Finally found something I liked.

Jan: Realized how old and tired this site looks. Resolved to spruce the place up.

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All random generators can be found here.

Most Popular
First Words without a doubt, is the most popular generator on Feath's Bookcase.

My Personal Favorites
Character generator
When it doesn't matter what the character looks like, I use the Character generator. This perks up the story and doesn't take me days to create different 'looks' for everyone.

Tarot layout
The Tarot generator is under utilized by visitors. I use it for sub-plots and textured extras.