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Book and Movie Reviews

I am not doing movie reviews at this time.
I am looking for books to review. I am a voracious reader and I've not managed to find any books lately. So I'm going to the source - writers!
By review, I mean I will post here, on, that I read your book. I will rate it by the usual star system and I will write my comments to it. isn't a huge site, but it's growing rapidly and it will be seen. Also, it will come up on search engines, with your name and book title and my comments. The review will stay on forever unless you ask it to be removed*.

I've been writing and critiquing for over 15 years, but I won't be doing that with your book. I'll review it as a reader. I usually find positive things about books, and I'm very upfront about the difference between the writing and my personal likes. Just because I liked something doesn't mean it was written 'well'. And Visa Versa. Or because your book is plot driven when I like character driven stories. If it's perfect for another kind of reader, I'll say that. It will be as long as needed to say what I want, I am not limiting or restricting myself on the length of it. I am reviewing your book, not critiquing it. If you want a crit, find a writers site.

I will be honest.

It's FREE.
It will be free to the author, but I will need a free copy of the book. E-mail me with either a coupon or the book on sale on a book site. I will need a link so I can download from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or Smashwords. Or a PDF file e-mailed to me. (see contact at bottom)

I don't read horror. Kids horror, yeah okay. Light horror, okay too. But no blood licking or visceral brain splatter.
I don't read erotica. Vanilla, gay or lesbian romance is okay. A little interaction between the happy couple is fine, but no porn.
I don't read non-fiction. I can open a newspaper and get all I want of that.
I don't read excessive violence. Same as above.

I like thrillers, romance, high fantasy, urban fantasy, shape-shifters, time travel, historical, mysteries, westerns and paranormal.
If your book falls into some other category, there's still a chance I'll read it but less likely.
The book should be under 350 pages, but I might make exceptions.

I reserve the right to turn down a book, for any reason. It can take up to a week from the time I get the book, to when a review is posted. You will be informed when it goes live. I will post a thumbnail picture of your cover with the review.

*There is a chance the book won't get a 5 star and glowing review. I'm sorry if you are unhappy with the review. But to be balanced, the review will be locked in for the first three months. After that, if you wish it removed, it will be. But remember, even a negative review is better than none at all.

Did I get everything? Probably not. This will be edited as situations come up.

See the list of books reviewed already here.
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