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Writers prompts

'First words' prompts have been updated again. Lots more prompts!

83 prompts for the month of november, for NaNoWriMo participants. (Or anyone, really)

Updated the 'first words' prompts. Heavy usage shows a lot of people use it, so I've added another 50 or so prompts.

I've updated the MuseMuggers weekly prompt. I'd had to let it go for a while. Now up to date. Also changed the formatting, skipping the current week and going directly to the list of all weekly prompts. Same for the Daily MuseTeaser Drabble prompt.

NEW GENERATOR! Character discription generator. Having trouble creating a characters looks? This is the answer!

Now the Fantasy generator and the Genreless generator have more options!

Showcasing these generators:
A full character and plot tarot layout! Great source for background info and a push to help writers over a stop.

Quick Draw Tarot! A super way to get a quick writing boost. Use it for character or plot development. Ask a question the MC would ask. Use it for twists, motivation and obstacles. Or just use it for a heads up on how your day is going to go. ;)

Random Quote Generator ... check it out! I've found sometimes turning the statement around, makes for some very interesting plot ideas.

Also a Character development generator. Use which sections you need, discard what you don't!

A new section for our left brainers -- those who like prompts made of lists... Crossword puzzles! Now get your random ideas while procratinating -- does it get any better? Play online, or print them out.

Generless ideas
Your Main Character is a(n): female
Your MC's main character trait is their: slyness.
The Main Symbol in the story is a(n): Hawk.
Theme point is: Lust.
Your story will start at/on/in: a Travel departure point.

More genreless ideas

Sentence startersDark vigil, bright ...

More sentence starters

Random Quote Generator

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.
Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997)

More quotes!

Progress bars!
141,108 / 200,000
Get your own!

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