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Stone Henge

Mother Raven and the Three Eggs, with background sounds and closed caption. Enjoy!

Links to fun places

Other Writer Generators

eposic.org Check it out :) (it transfers you to another site he owns, but that's the site he want's the link to. You aren't being hijacked!) He has other things other than generators up and you might find them interesting, too. Find him on Twitter.

Rangen has some wicked generators. Also she has a monthly writing challenge you might be interested in. She is also over on Twitter.

Seventh Sanctum
Seventh Sanctum is a monster of a web site, with more generators than imaginable. It's clear he loves his generators and he makes something for everyone. He's also over on Twitter, too.

Other Writers forums

I created MuseMuggers over 10 years ago. I'm no longer running it but the torch is still carried. The unique thing about MuseMuggers is it's a forum for sharing your work, and getting positive feedback. You can get feedback on what's wrong with your writing just about anywhere. MuseMuggers fills the void of finding out what you are doing right. I made it when I was at a point in my life that I needed that, and by its continous popularity, others still feel the same way. You will need a LiveJournal account, but it's free.

I've been on a lot of writers forums over the years and I've found this to be one of the good ones. First, it's not a free ride - you have to put in critiques to get critiques. So there's no pushy freeloaders. It's a really great place to make writer friends, with lots of different forums for different subjects. You can also make writers circles, that critique each others work. Scribophile is free, but the service provided in the free account is restrictive. Free is a good way to try it out. You can stay free, or get a paid account, if you want. You can find me there, too.

Other Writer Stuffs

Apples and Peanuts
BiggaDay's blog on writing. And this is her very active daily Blog which is a lot of fun!

Where's Feath?

Finding Feath
If I'm not hibernating under a rock (and if you've been with feath.com a while, you know I can go years under that rock), you can find me in lots of places. On Facebook. Please jump over and 'like' the page. I can't afford adverts (I'm sure you've noticed I don't ask you for money!), so all my stuff is word of mouth.
I'm over on Twitter. I have a pinned tweet about my new book. If you can RT it, that would be awesome. (note; advert, money, word of mouth)
I'm over on Pinterest, Linkedin, Amazon, SmashWords, GoodReads. There's more, I'm sure, but that's enough.

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