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Your Monday Morning Muse Muggers Prompts

  • When I first started doing MuseMugger prompts, almost everyone using them were fantasy writers. You will find these prompts heavily leaning towards fantasy. As time shuffled on and MuseMuggers grew,so did the diversity of its writers and the prompts.
  • The best thing about the prompts, is they are ment to spark ideas, not chain you to an unflexable outline. Mix, match, exchange, drop, add - whatever that prompt idea is, flesh it out and go for it.
  • Don't be too literal. If you get a character that is a 'unicorn', and you write, say thrillers, don't just throw it out. Maybe your character has a shop named 'The Midnight Unicorn', or is a code breaker on the 'unicorn enigma'. Or perhaps your MC has the human equivalent of unicorn characteristics. You're a writer. Get inventive!
    Good luck!
  • The weekly prompts are not updated with the most current navigation bar. It'll get you around, but not as much as the main pages.
  • The community I started with these prompts is still going 10+ years. It is open if you want to join. Go to MuseMuggers.
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