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Writers Prompts

Your Monday Morning Muse Muggers Prompts

How many of these can you fit into your story?

"AAAH! Butabara!!"
"They are cheaper by the dozen."
"Hm. Indina spice."
"Don't you ever shut up?"
"What are you, stupid or something?!"
"What if I wake up dead?"
"I'll have mine with vinegar."
"Woohoo, let's celebrate by plugging up my arteries."
"Affirmative, Dave. I read you."
"I have what might be called the perfect disguise."

A bowl of cherries
Leather pants
Aluminium foil
An ashtray
An impressive CD collection
A hat with kitty ears
A copy of the book "Practical Ethics" by Peter Singer
A Xena action doll

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