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Your Monday Morning Muse Muggers Prompts

Cavegiver the Deep-dweller - He is a mature adult dragon. He has copper scales and multiple horns jutting from his head. His breath is a disruptive wave of sound. He is surprisingly helpful towards non-draconic races. His knowledge of the subterranean world is detailed. He lives in an underground cavern. His hoard is average-sized and consists mostly of valuable ores, platinum predominating.

Lighthorn of the Forest - She is a mature adult dragon. She has green scales and two large horns jutting from her head. Her breath is a beam of searing light. She is extremely sadistic. Her ability to work necromantic magic is powerful and dangerous. She lives in a deep and mysterious forest. Her hoard is medium-sized and consists mostly of valuable tomes.
They hate each other.
And between them runs a small child from a burning villiage.

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