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Writers tools.

April Fools is open again! AF is a month long writers challenge: pick your own goal, and go for it! Win pips and make new friends! Lots of fun - come check it out.

the'first words' prompts have been updated again. Lots more prompts!


Full character and plot layout with tarot.

Quick Draw Tarot! A super way to get a quick writing boost. Use it for character or plot development. Ask a question the MC would ask. Use it for twists, motivation and obstacles. Or just use it for a heads up on how your day is going to go. ;)

Quotes random generator! As suggested from someone filling out my survey, I've created this new generator. Some famous (and not so famous) quotes to inspire you. I found sometimes reversing the statement make for very interesting plots.

And the Character generator Not all sections will be what your looking for, but use what is needed.

And another toy -- Crossword puzzles! But playing with words isn't just play for writers -- its a requirement!

Have fun with the new generator!

Random Quote Generator

No evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death. Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

More Quotes!

Character development

Your Character is a(n): male
Your characters race is: a tree dweller.
Your character's main character trait is their: courtesy.
The characters weakness/downfall is/are: Cars.
The characters physical appearance is:
height: short.
body shape: fat.
hair: straight.
eyes: sleepy.
scars: none.
Distinguishing features: a laugh like a donkey.

More Characters!

Generless ideas
Your Main Character is a(n): female
Your MC's main character trait is their: slyness.
The Main Symbol in the story is a(n): Hawk.
Theme point is: Lust.
Your story will start at/on/in: a Travel departure point.

More genreless ideas

Sentence startersDark vigil, bright ...

More sentence starters

Daily Prompt O Captain! My Captain!

Daily and Weekly prompts here.

Progress bars!

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